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cookies w/flavor

"everyone deserves a cookie"

Let's talk cakes. Cakes are deffinately the center piece at any event that they attend. The work, dedication and effort that goes into choosing the perfect cake is astounding.

Everyone holds onto the same sentiment..."I hope they love the cake."

"with the right ingredients, something beautiful can be produced"

Birthday's, Anniversary's, Baby Shower's, Weddings, Cotillion's, and every special event, needs a cake. Allow us to design your special cake, custom for your event. We pride ourselves in producing cakes that are unique for each individual. Only you can imagine what we can be do for you.

We would hope that if you have yet to experience any of our breads, that you are making arrangements at this moment to try some.

Banana Nut, Zucchini, Cranberry Apple, Lemon Poppy, Chocolate, Bran Raisin and Pumpkin are a few to choose from.

These breads are moist and made fresh...making grandma proud.